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natural mattress, latex mattress, natural bedding, organic cotton and wool pillows, organic cotton bedding, comforters

You hold the world
in your hand.

We believe you can
experience outrageous,
organic comfort
while still taking care of
the world you hold
in your hand.

So go ahead...
Chill out naturally.

natural mattress, latex mattress, natural bedding, organic cotton and wool pillows, organic cotton bedding, comforters


We're specialists in this area...
we've been doing it longer than anyone in America!

PURE & SIMPLE Organic comfort is a specialty thing. Something learned and researched... tried and true. It takes years of experience to really understand the methods of production, the various textiles, the supply chain, fiber strengths and weaknesses, what works and what doesn't, what's real and what isn't.

Most folks understand the beauty of natural fibers. Once you embrace their delights, there's really no going back to petrochemical synthetics. Natural fibers breathe so we don't get too clammy. In the bedroom, a natural mattress with natural pillows and comforters create an environment that helps us sleep better. The term "sleeping hot" is pretty common if you're sleeping on a memory-foam, or conventional foam mattress with synthetic polyester pillows and comforters. That's because the materials don't breathe properly and your body heat simply transfers to the bedding and continues to build-up. The average person looses one pint of moisture every night and it has to go somewhere. Yup, that's right... it goes into our mattress and bedding. Using natural fibers allows this moisture to move through the fibers which are airy and breathable, and the moisture is evaporated into the air versus into your sleep system, keeping you more comfortable during sleep.

Did we mention dust mites and molds? When you have a natural mattress and bedding, many of the materials are naturally resistant to dust mites, molds and mildews.... specifically our Amaizing Wool and Natural Latex Rubber. Both are superior at moisture regulation so you don't overheat, and their properties aren't condusive for a good home to dust mites. Coverings in organic cotton fabric, which is airy and breathable, allow the pure wool and natural latex to do what they do best... keep the mattress cleaner and drier. Some people ask about organic cotton batting... well, we've never used cotton batting on the top layers of any mattress. Because of it's density, it's great to put over an innerspring as the core base support, but we always, always put layers of wool or latex above the cotton batting. Why? First off, over time it will flatten down and become extremely firm, so it's really not the ideal material for surface comfort. Secondly, cotton batting will attract dust mites, so you need to place layers of wool or latex above the cotton so they can perform their moisture regulation. The first mattress we offered over 15 years ago had this construction, and every one of our natural mattresses follow the same basic construction... cotton batting is never on the surface layers.

We've been specializing in organic comfort a very long time, as far as organic goes. In fact, organic cotton fibers and fabrics were only introduced in the late 1980's, early 90's. We're proud to say we were the FIRST company to offer organic mattresses nationwide through our flagship catalog "Tomorrow's World". You remember catalogs, right? The paper magazine-thingees people used before the internet? Actually we still offer good old-fashioned catalogs because there's nothing quite like cuddling up and reading on the sofa with a paper booklet versus an overheated and heavy laptop. Plus, we have many customers who are still not connected to the internet, and they rely on our catalog. We print on recycled paper using vegetables inks, and we don't print a kazillion per year like most catalog companies. If you'd like a free "Organic Comfort Zone" catalog, just give us a call at 1.800.229.7571.

New natural and organic materials are popping up everywhere! This is a great thing for manufacturers like us who want to develop new products using new and innovative eco-smart materials. The problem is that if a manufacturer doesn't do the research, there's a good chance that the so-called "organic cotton" fabric isn't really all-that. We have dozens of these so-called organic cotton swatches in our production department. The name of the swatch may say "organic cotton", but under investigation we found the actual content on most of these fabrics was only 15% to 35% organic cotton. We had the mill do a special run for our organic cotton stretch knit to eliminate the poly content which is very common (read more about this under our "organic cotton" section). The point we're trying to make is you really need to be informed. After all, if WE have a hard time sorting out what is real and what isn't from our suppliers, then we know most regular folk will find it even more challenging.

Because we have the experience, we consider ourselves pretty seasonsed in the knowledge of organic materials. But what about comfort and quality? These are two serious criteria for us which go hand-in-hand with our organic comfort philosophy. Just about any mattress can be "organic" or "natural", but is it crafted professionally? Does it offer durability? Most importantly, is it comfortable? Heck, a stack of hay is "natural bedding" but you wouldn't get a good night's rest sleeping on it. When we prototype our natural mattresses and bedding, we use them first. If there are problems, we fix them, and if we can't fix them, we don't offer it. When we say "organic comfort", we mean it.

For more information about our natural mattresses and bedding, please call the Organic Comfort Zone at 1.800.229.7571 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST, or visit the CozyPure Organic Mattresses & Bedding website. To make a purchase, visit our online retailer.

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